3 Weeks

It took 3 weeks for my husband to forget the promise he made to me.

Those vows you make when you marry are so important. No one gets married thinking they’ll be broken.

So when they are, it is the most gut rentching feeling possible, your whole world falls around you. Everything you believed to be truth has been a lie. There is not a single person on this planet that wouldn’t be hurt in some way by this.

I was heartbroken. The worse thing, the words that kept playing throughout my head: “3 weeks”. My husband could not be faithful for even a month after we got married.

I searched and searched online, I couldn’t find anyone who’s marriage vows had been broken so quickly. It made me feel so alone.

But it does happen. I didn’t find out this had happened until 2 months after the wedding. Some find out 6 months later, some years later, and some people never find out.

The positive, I had found the truth. I was no longer living a lie, being manipulated by someone I thought loved me more than anyone else. I would rather this, than be here today not knowing. That he was capable of doing this.

It’s hard, but living with the truth is so much kinder than living with a lie.

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