Moving Out

My husband moving out was a difficult time in our separation. It started as a temporary separation of a month, but still dating. This started a spiral that lead to him not returning and me now living alone.

We decided he should move out permanently, whilst I would stay in the property. Packing was the hardest, a couple of my best friends spent two days with me boxing his things up and separating our joint items. I left him a note asking him to check around the house, as I may have missed something.

This meant that he could have a day to collect everything, reducing the emotional tension and stopping any arguments.

The day of moving out arrived and I spent the day shopping with my best friend. She supported and distracted me throughout the day. She kept reminding me that we were doing the right thing and kept me going.

Despite helping the process, he still left things. I knew the story behind everything he left. It was either a gift from me, a gift from my family or something we’d gotten together with sentimental value.

My friends helped me. He had left a note saying I could do what I want with them. We took photos of everything (just incase they’re needed if our divorce goes to court) and made boxes for the local charity shops. The larger items that were in a semi good condition I sold on eBay. Mainly to get rid of them. I made a total of £28 from his things, which were worth way more.

It’s just stuff. It’s his stuff, he didn’t want memories of our life, which hurts but I understand. But I am not living with boxes of his stuff in my home. That’s not fair.

These two friends I have mentioned, throughout this post, were vital in this successful transition. They even said that if it were them, packing alone, they would just stare into space thinking about everything that’s happened (which they caught me doing a few times). They helped by confirming my feelings and emotions were valid and making me laugh.

It’s hard admitting to someone that this is going on in your life. You don’t need to tell everyone, just a couple of close friends. They’re your support network, they want to help you (as I’m sure you would do the same for them). Don’t do this alone, you are not alone.

One thought on “Moving Out

  1. Separating the stuff is definitely a tough emotional experience! I had to walk away from everything I owned in order to be safe. Law enforcement had to accompany back to the house we shared, to get some clothes, but I was told I had to leave everything else until court. The ex sent my stuff to the side of the road (mainly the stuff he didn’t want of mine). I had to start all over….and I had our two young children with me. He kept all their things too!
    Anyway….that was a second marriage. My first marriage ended when I was about 32 years old. It was much calmer at the end, I had never lived alone until then.
    Your story will help others❤️


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